Organisation White Paper

Hello everybody ! I am very excited to share the first release of the tools.

What is ? provides general real estate tools with a modern webdevelopment mindset. The tools that are in development cross many domains of real estate spanning from property appraisals, management to financing and investment.

The first set of tools in active development are focused on the residential valuation market. The pilot of the tools wil target the Belgian real estate market but are language agnositic developed for expantion in to other European markets.

Valuation Tools

The first set of tools creates reports for residential lots and buildings:

  • Building Lots
  • Residential Homes
  • Residential Appartments

Reporting will be covered in 4 languages:

Dutch, English, French and German


The next update will open up the application to a selective audience.

Want to take part in the closed beta ? feel free to contact on [email protected]