New Website Update

The new website:

We are very proud to showcase our new website with more information about the valuation platform that we are building. Our new website includes more details about the pricing of the platform, extra information about our tools and document generation.

New launch date:

The Alfa release will be opened up in the next couple weeks.

The official Beta release is schedualed for 31/01/2022.

Next Roadmap Update

Development for next week will mostly contain in building out Home & Apartment Appraisal and Setting up The Next Milestones. See you next week !


  • Tests Address completion for Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia

So a couple notes on the development process from both sides:The Flemish Gov API key request is not automated, i have never received (still waiting) an API key this way, wouldn't recommend.

The data for Brussels and Wallonia is bundled together API key generation is automated however V2 of the api is in Beta and documentation is a little less structured .

  • Final Preparations for Home and Apartment quick estimate

Only one test remains during implementation all other preparations have been checked off.

  • Update documentation for Quick Terrain Estimate

This has moved up to next week bundled together with the other documentation scheduling.


the following week:

  • Full Address integration *
  • Finish Home & Apartment Quick Estimate
  • Update documentation for Quick Estimate