Screen Estate Rebrand served as a great development domain for our closed and open testing and our final website update before the official start brings the perfect opportunity to rebrand our real estate tool chain for a more broadly appealing audience.
After taking a look in our backlog of potential domains for projects the decision to reuse was quickly made.

Did this bring any changes ?

For existing users nothing changes except our new name, all your bookmarks and links still forward and work.

New Features

  • The new pricing model should allow for more flexible paying.

  • Basic Geopunt Integration for Flanders


The final template changes and UI translations for the Property Appraisal are in scope, this allows for some new tools announcements: Rent Indexation and a Rent Calculator.

Rent Indexation:

This tool allows you to index a rent income for usage in a appraisal report or rent aggrement.

Rent Calculator:

A calculator for creating investment reports based on expenses and rent income.

Development insights:

Rebranding should be a theme wide setting for consistency and adjust ability across projects. This includes flexible components like: brand name, color schema, company details,…

Some of these components might look like a flexible component but are in fact subject to a permanent fix.
The copyright year in a footer is a good example of a permanent fix:

copyright © 2022

The year could easy be automated Vanilla Javascript Example:

  <p>Copyright © <span id="year"></span></p>

    const d = new Date();
    let year = d.getFullYear();
    document.getElementById("year").innerHTML = year;