Revelation 2022 Proptech


RELEVATION is a unique two day digital transactional event on 29th and 30th of June matching founders of UrbanTech with any kind of investors such as business angels, venture capital firms, to private equities and corporates. At first, RELEVATION targeting VCs, but then, gradually, it extended the scope of matchmaking to include connecting GPs with LPs, founders with exit partners, and employers with high potentials. After the huge success of RELEVATION ‘21, the only second edition of the summit, this year’s event promises to exceed expectations after securing an investment from CRETech, the industry’s tech giant, in order to fuel RELEVATION’s global growth. Why digital? Because we think that when it comes to transactions, remote events are more efficient. They allow the attendees to use digital features, target the right people to meet globally, send meeting requests and meet 25 people per day.

So what is RELEVATION ‘22 all about?

This year’s digital summit is structured with the most important content program and keynote speakers from around the world. For instant, the RELEVATION team was able to gather the largest public investors in the world, like Softbank, FifthWall, A/O Proptech, as well as, founders of multi-million exits such as Tim Curran, the founder of Building Engines, who sold to JLL, and the chairman of Polygon, who sold for 7 billion euros to Microsoft. In addition to that, this RELEVATION ‘22 is also focusing on topics that can raise awareness on how to save the world in eight years, the Net-Zero CO2 emissions target, and several lessons learned from people who made very successful exits in the past.

It is no surprise that this year the team wants to put a human dimension into the revolution of real estate and construction, that is why they are focusing on discussions dedicated to solving the climate crisis. Therefore, for the first time ever, RELEVATION is also inviting mayors of major cities to join the summit. This great initiative is the result of knowing that we cannot solve the global fight against global climate change without the help and support of regulators.

What are the short and long objectives of RELEVATION?

For founders, attending RELEVATION is beneficial because it's the only place where you can meet more than 150 VCs willing to invest in UrbanTech. On the other hand, for VCs, other than getting access to talents, and start exit conversations and upfront closings, VCs have the opportunity to meet more than 350 founders, who are raising capital, in just 48 hours. Yet, the most important value for a VC is to that RELEVATION is the only singular place where VCs can meet all the other VCs to discuss co-investment strategies, investment scope, and also meet their exit partners. Hence, it's really a way to build or to nurture the network that doesn't exist elsewhere.

Speaking to Idriss, he explains: “Our target is to generate 600 deals. Meaning the short term objective is to have 600 transactions that will not be closed at RELEVATION, but that will be initiated at the digital summit and then closed in the next six months. Such deals can be, for example, founders closing fundraising rounds, employers hiring talents, GPs closing the rounds with LPs. Yet, the long term objective is to contribute defining the standards, bring more efficiency and transparency into the investments in the built world. Since decarbonize Real Estate will cost USD 18-20T, we want to be the platform promoting UrbanTech investments, but also optimizing the process of investing and matching more efficiently the demand with the offer.”

What we are the most proud of is that when you assemble the right people in the right (digital) room, the magic really happens: big deals are initiated, big ideas are emerging, exits are profiling themselves and it really has an impact on the tangible built world. It really increases the innovation maturity of the the construction & real estate value-chain, for the benefit of us, humans, spending 85% of our time in-door.