Closed Beta Launch

Today marks the first release of the closed beta release.What is to be expected in the near future for more professional use cases will be addressed in the next Roadmap update. For today i would just like to touch on the functionality within the first release.

Terrain Quick Estimate

This includes:

  • Document Generation in 4 Languages ( Dutch, French, English and German )
  • Full Supported Multi Lingual User Interface
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • Real Time Calculation with auto pre-adjustments.
  • Start of Completely Automatic Calculation *

*Full Automatic if enough data can be found and Crab integration is completed.

Future Improvements

  • Document Styling
  • Remove Auto Calculation to its own Valuation
  • Will become part of the Free/Open Demo

January Update

This month's release includes access to the Vastgoed Alpha.

If you want to participate in the and get access to the software you can contact us via our contact page or simply click on this link Vastgoed Contact

The first release includes full calculations and reporting for residential real estate.

We will now switch to a close follow-up program with the alpha testers for the remainder of January and are expecting to release an open Beta of the tools in Februari.